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Drug-Free Workplace Policy of the Richmond Heights Memorial Library




In compliance with the Substance Abuse Policy of the City of Richmond Heights, it is the policy of the Richmond Heights Memorial Library to maintain a drug-free workplace in keeping with the spirit and intent of the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988.  The use of controlled substances is inconsistent with the behavior expected of Library employees and subjects both our employees and our patrons to unacceptable safety risks.  Accordingly, the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, sale, or use of a controlled substance or alcohol in the work place or while engaged in Library business is strictly prohibited.  Such conduct is also prohibited during non-working time to the extent that, in the opinion of the Library, it impairs an employee’s ability to perform on the job or threatens the reputation or integrity of the Library’s work force.

In compliance with the City’s employment procedures, the Library conducts post-offer, pre-employment alcohol and drug screening conducted by a physician designated by the City.  An offer of employment by the Library is contingent upon, among other things satisfactory completion of this examination and screening.  As a condition of continued employment, Library employees may also be required to undergo periodic alcohol and drug screenings at times specified by the Library.  In connection with these examinations, employees are required to provide the Library with access to their medical records if requested.  All required alcohol and drug screens are paid for in full by the Library, although the employee shall be responsible for the cost of and testing that is performed at the employee’s request. 

Violations of this policy shall be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, for serious or repeated infractions.  Refusal to submit immediately to an alcohol and/or controlled substance analysis when requested by management will constitute insubordination, which alone will form a basis for discipline.

Employee Assistance Program

Through the City of Richmond Heights, the Library provides, at no cost to the employee or his/her immediate family, an employee assistance program to confidentially counsel and help employees resolve personal problems.  Information, consultation and counseling are provided by professionals who work for an independent, outside firm.

Adopted by the Richmond Heights Memorial Library Board of Trustees
Original adopted September 15, 2008
Revised and Adopted March 16, 2009

Richmond Heights Memorial Library
Jeanette Piquet, Director
8001 Dale Avenue
Richmond Heights, Missouri 63117
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