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Adult Fiction

Armstrong, Kelley.  Visions [Cainsville]
Bausch, Richard. Before, during, after
Bertino, Marie-Helene. 2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas 
Brown, Sandra. Mean streak 
Cain, Chelsea. One kick 
Cantero, Edgar. The supernatural enhancements  
Cao, Lan. The lotus and the storm  
Coelho, Paulo. Adultery  
Corleone, Douglas. Payoff 
Drvenkar, Zoran. You 
Ewan, Chris. Dead line 
Fesperman, Dan. Unmanned  
Flanagan, Richard. The narrow road to the deep north 
Fossum, Karin. I can see in the dark 
Granger, Bill. The November man 
Griffin, W. E. B. Top secret 
Hood, Ann. An Italian wife 
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew. Don't look back 
Joyce, Graham. The ghost in the electric blue suit 
Kunstler, James Howard. History of the future [World Made By Hand]
Lepucki, Edan. California 
Macomber, Debbie. Love letters [Rose Harbor]
Manko, Vanessa. The invention of exile 
McCullough, Colleen. Bittersweet 
Montefiore, Santa. Secrets of the lighthouse 
O'Dell, Tawni. One of us 
Patterson, James. Private down under 
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Heroes are my weakness 
Preston, Douglas J. Lost Island [Gideon Crew]
Robards, Karen. Her last whisper 
Schumacher, Julie. Dear Committee Members 
Thomas, Matthew. We are not ourselves 
Umrigar, Thrity N. The story hour 
Vreeland, Susan. Lisette's list 
Weber, Carl. Choir director 2: runaway bride 
White, Randy Wayne. Haunted 
Woodroof, Martha. Small blessings 
Murakami, Haruki. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his…

Adult Nonfiction

Abbott, Karen. Liar, temptress, soldier, spy: four 
     women undercover in the Civil War 
Bartholomew, Mel. All new square foot gardening with kids 
Birkel, Michael L. Qur'an in conversation 
Boies, David. Redeeming the dream 
Branson, Richard. Virgin way: everything I know about…
Comer, Meryl. Slow dancing with a stranger 
Cushman, Anne. Moving into meditation
Davies, Nick. Hack attack: the inside story…
Dean, John W. Nixon defense: what he knew and…
Duggar, Jana. Growing up Duggar 
Garnero, Theresa. Your first year with diabetes 
George, Jamie. Love well: living life unrehearsed…
Halper, Daniel. Clinton, Inc
Hampton, Dan. Lords of the sky: fighter pilots and…
Henry, Steve. Best tent camping
Hoffman, Jeff. Scale: seven proven principles to grow
     your business and get your life back 
Hogshead, Sally. How the world sees you
Jauhar, Sandeep. Doctored: the disillusionment of…
Levitin, Daniel J. Organized mind: thinking straight in…
Macintyre, Ben. A spy among friends: Kim Philby…
Macy, Beth. Factory man: how one furniture maker…
Melinek, Judy. Working stiff: two years, 262 bodies, and
   the making of a medical examiner 
Paoli, Carl. Free+style: maximize sport and life…
Perlstein, Rick. Invisible Bridge: the fall of Nixon and…
Piatt, Christian. Postchristian: What's Left? Can We Fix It? 
Reynolds, Julia. Blood in the fields 
Smiley, Tavis. Death of a King: the real story of Dr…
Smith, Ian. Super shred: the big results diet 
Stern, Jack I. Ending back pain: 5 powerful steps…
Swift, Kathie Madonna. Swift diet: 4 weeks to mend the belly...
Thorpe, Helen. Soldier girls: the battles of three women
U.S. Dept. of Health. Medicare & you 
Zinni, Anthony C. Before the first shots are fired



Adult Biography

O'Connell, Robert L. Fierce patriot: the tangled lives of William 
     Tecumseh Sherman 
Rivers, Joan. Diary of a mad diva 
Winfrey, Oprah. What I know for sure 



Large Print

Burke, James Lee. Wayfaring stranger 
Greaney, Mark Support and defend [Campus]
Garwood, Julie. Fast track 
Griffin, W. E. B. Top Secret
Woods, Stuart. Cut and thrust 




Krueger, William Kent. Windigo Island 
Maron, Margaret. Designated daughters 
Penny, Louise. The long way home 
Todd, Charles. An unwilling accomplice 

Science Fiction

Andrews, Ilona. Magic breaks 
Goodkind, Terry. Severed souls 
Grossman, Lev. The magician's land 
Hobb, Robin. Fool's assassin 
Lackey, Mercedes. House of the four winds
Scalzi, John. Lock in 
Stross, Charles. Equoid [Laundry files]
Weeks, Brent. The broken eye 

Graphic Novel

Duffy, Chris. Above the dreamless dead: World War I 
    in poetry and comics 
Feiffer, Jules. Kill my mother 
Gaiman, Neil. The graveyard book
Remender, Rick. Black Science

YA Fiction

Arcos, Carrie. There will come a time 
Aslan, Austin. The islands at the end of the world 
Barnholdt, Lauren. Through to you 
Beil, Michael D. The Red Blazer Girls: the secret cellar 
Desai Hidier, Tanuja. Born confused 
Desai Hidier, Tanuja. Bombay blues 
Fisher, Catherine. Circle of stones 
Griffin, Adele. The unfinished life of Addison Stone 
Kenneally, Miranda. Breathe, Annie, breathe 
Mead, Richelle. Silver shadows 
Myracle, Lauren. Yolo 
Patterson, James. Homeroom diaries 
Perkins, Stephanie. Isla and the happily ever after 
Roth, Veronica. Four: a Divergent collection 
Sandford, John. Uncaged 
Schindler, Holly. Feral 
Sloan, Holly Goldberg. Just call my name 
Spotswood, Jessica. Sisters' fate 
Tucholke, April G. Between the spark and the burn 
Voigt, Cynthia. Homecoming 

YA Nonfiction

Cornell, Betty. Betty Cornell's teen-age popularity guide 
McGuire, Kara. The teen money manual 
Flores, Irene. Shojo fashion manga art school 
Lee, NaRae. Maximum Ride

Downloadable Ebooks

Alexander, Michelle. The new Jim Crow: mass incarceration
     in the age of colorblindness 
Aslan, Austin. The islands at the end of the world 
Averbeck, Jim. Jim Averbeck presents A Hitch at the…
Barnett, Mac. Telephone 
Basso, Adrienne. Bride of a Scottish warrior 
Behrens, Rebecca. When Audrey met Alice 
Beverly-Whittemore, M. Bittersweet 
Bloom, Amy. Lucky us 
Bohjalian, Chris. Close your eyes, hold hands 
Boston, Sarah. Lucky dog: how being a veterinarian…
Brown, C. Brené. Daring greatly: how the courage to be  
     vulnerable transforms the way we live…
Cather, Willa. O pioneers! 
Chamberlin, Holly. The beach quilt 
Clifton, Lutricia. Freaky Fast Frankie Joe 
Clinton, Hillary Rodham. Hard choices 
Cohn, Rachel. Gingerbread 
Croke, Vicki. Elephant Company: the inspiring story…
Damico, Gina. Croak 
Delany, Samuel R. Dhalgren 
Doller, Trish. Something like normal 
Durst, Sarah Beth. Drink, slay, love 
Flynn, Vince. Act of treason 
Fossum, Karin. I can see in the dark 
Fuentes, Laura. Best homemade kids' lunches on the planet 
Furst, Alan. Midnight in Europe 
Gagnon, Michelle. Don't turn around 
Gale, Eric Kahn. The Zoo at the Edge of the World 
Graham, Heather. Dead by dusk 
Green, Tim. Pinch hit 
Griffin, Paul. Burning blue 
Grossman, Lev. The magician's land 
Gurnow, Michael. The Edward Snowden affair 
Halban, Emily. Perfect: anorexia & me 
Healey, Emma. Elizabeth is missing 
Henríquez, Cristina. The book of unknown Americans 
Hiaasen, Carl. Dance of the reptiles 
Howe, Katherine. Conversion 
Johansen, Erika. The queen of the Tearling 
Keating, Jess. How to outrun a crocodile when your…
Keaton, Diane. Let's just say it wasn't pretty 
Kipling, Rudyard. Kim 
Korman, Gordon. Ungifted 
Langella, Frank. Dropped names
Lewis, David. Child of mine 
MacNeal, Susan Elia. The Prime Minister's secret agent 
Maguire, Gregory. Egg & spoon 
Mallery, Susan. Until we touch 
Marciuliano, Francesco. I knead my mommy 
Mass, Wendy. 11 birthdays 
McDermott, Alice. After this 
McMillan III, Frank N. The young healer 
Meredith, Andrew. The removers: a memoir 
Michels, Elizabeth How to lose a lord in 10 days or less 
Mills, Marja. Mockingbird next door: life with Harper Lee 
Murakami, Haruki. Colorless tsukuru tazaki and his…
Ng, Celeste. Everything I never told you 
Oe, Kenzaburo. Rouse up o young men of the new age! 
Oppel, Kenneth. The Boundless 
Paretsky, Sara. Blood shot 
Patchett, Ann. This is the story of a happy marriage 
Pearson, Ridley. Choke point 
Pearson, Ridley. The red room 
Pearson, Ridley. The risk agent 
Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate out loud 
Phillips, Carly. Dare to surrender 
Phillips, Carly. Truly madly deeply 
Pirri, Nancy. Bait shop blues 
Ponti, James. Dead City 
Portes, Andrea. Anatomy of a misfit 
Price, Lissa. Starters 
Prochnik, George. Impossible exile: Stefan Zweig at the
     end of the world 
Purcell, Kim. Trafficked 
Rawl, Paige. Positive 
Reichs, Kathy. 206 bones 
Richter, William Harlan. Dark eyes 
Roach, Mary. My planet: finding humor in the oddest…
Rocklin, Joanne. The five lives of our cat Zook 
Rubino-Bradway, Caitlen. Ordinary magic 
Sides, Hampton. In the kingdom of ice 
Silva, Daniel. The heist 
Sroufe, Del. Forks over knives--the cookbook 
Stead, Rebecca. Liar & spy 
Steel, Danielle. A perfect life 
Stiefvater, Maggie. Sinner 
Sullivan, J. Courtney. Commencement 
Swafford, Jan. Beethoven: anguish and triumph
Talley, Robin. Lies we tell ourselves 
Thorpe, Helen. Soldier girls: the battles of three women
Tupper, Lara. A thousand and one nights 
Wagenen, Maya van. Popular: vintage wisdom for a modern geek 
Weiner, Jennifer. All fall down 
Weis, Margaret. Dragons of the dwarven depths 
West, J. B. Upstairs at the White House 
White, J. A. The Thickety: a path begins 
Wiggs, Susan. The beekeeper's ball 
Wiggs, Susan. The mistress of Normandy 
Winspear, Jacqueline. The care and management of lies 
Wolf, Jennifer Shaw. Breaking beautiful 

Downloadable Audiobooks

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. Marco Effect [Department Q]
Allende, Isabel. Ripper 
Andrews, Mary Kay. Ladies' night 
Andrews, Mary Kay. Save the date 
Banks, Anna. Of Poseidon 
Bloom, Amy. Lucky us 
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Shards of honor 
Clancy, Tom. Without remorse 
Connelly, Michael. A darkness more than night 
Curtis, Christopher Paul. The madman of Piney Woods 
Curtis, Christopher Paul. The mighty Miss Malone 
Erdrich, Louise. The plague of doves 
Forman, Gayle. If I stay 
Forman, Gayle. Where she went 
Golden, Christie. Omen 
Greer, Judy. I don't know what you know me from
Hobb, Robin. Fool's assassin 
Iles, Greg. Natchez burning 
Iles, Greg. The quiet game 
Johansen, Erika. The queen of the Tearling 
McMann, Lisa. Island of fire 
Patrick, Cat. Revived 
Perkins, Stephanie. Isla and the happily ever after 
Preston, Douglas J. The Lost Island [Gideon Crew]
Quick, Matthew. Boy21 
Rappaport, Helen. The Romanov sisters: the lost lives…
Rocklin, Joanne. The five lives of our cat Zook 
Sparks, Nicholas. The choice 
Stead, Rebecca. Liar & spy 
Stewart, Amy. Wicked bugs: the louse that conquered 
     Napoleon's army…
Umrigar, Thrity N. The story hour 
Vail, Rachel. Unfriended 
Waters, John. Carsick 

Books on CD

Garwood, Julie. Fast track 
Goodwin, Daisy. The fortune hunter
Graham, Heather. Strangers in paradise 
Jance, J. A.  Remains of innocence 
Mankell, Henning. An event in autumn 
Michaels, Fern. Whisper my name 
Moriarty, Liane. Big little lies 
Penny, Louise. The long way home 
Todd, Charles. An unwilling accomplice 

YA Audiobooks

Black, Holly. The coldest girl in coldtown 
Garcia, Kami. Beautiful creatures 
Lockhart, E. We were liars 
Rowell, Rainbow. Fangirl 

Juvenile Audiobooks

Bacigalupi, Paolo. Zombie baseball beatdown 
Greenberg, Jan. Ballet for martha
Hopkinson, Deborah. Titanic 
Kaplan, Michael B. Betty Bunny wants everything 
Reedy, Trent. Words in the dust 
Vawter, Vince. Paperboy 



Adult DVD

Affleck, Ben. Daredevil 
Bateman, Jason. Bad words 
Caplan, Lizzy. Masters of sex. Season One
Chase, Chevy. Caddyshack 
Cushing, Peter. Sherlock Holmes collection 
Garfield, Andrew. Amazing spider-man 2 [blu-ray]
Garfield, Andrew. Amazing spider-man 2 
Gibson, Tyrese. Four brothers 
Gilliam, Terry. Tideland 
Glazer, Jonathan. Under the skin 
Globe Trekker Planet food collection: Spice trails special 
Henson, Taraji P. I can do bad all by myself 
Hiddleston, Tom. Only lovers left alive 
Kidman, Nicole. The railway man 
Konrad, Cathy. The sweetest thing 
Latifah, Queen. Beauty shop 
Margulies, Julianna. The good wife: 5th season 
McConaughey, Matthew. True detective
Pacino, Al. Dog day afternoon 
Pine, Chris. Jack Ryan: shadow recruit [blu-ray]
Pine, Chris. Jack Ryan: shadow recruit 
Platt, Marc. Winter's tale 
Stewart, Patrick. Star Trek: nemesis 
Stewart, Patrick. X2: X-men united 
Tennant, David. Broadchurch
  JFK 50 years: a commemorative collection 


Cartoon Network. Adventure time. Third season
Disamoe, Sitthiphon. The rocket  
Mitchell, Silas Weir. Grimm. Season One
O'Mara, Jason. Son of Batman 
Woodley, Shailene. Divergent 

Juvenile DVD

Chase, Debra Martin. American girl
Kournikova, Allan. The short game 
Marshall, Qarie. Fantastic undersea life of Jacques Cousteau 
Templeton, Suzie. Peter & the wolf 
  Pokémon Indigo League Season 1

Music on CD

Azalea, Iggy. The new classic 
Bee Gees. Saturday night fever 
Black Keys. Turn blue 
Blues Traveler. Four 
Cash, Johnny. American recordings 
Collins, Albert. Big blues extravaganza! 
Concrete Blonde. Recollection 
Cooke, Sam. Greatest hits 
Counting Crows. August and everything after 
Cranberries. Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we? 
Del Rey, Lana. Ultraviolence 
Drake, Alfred. Ultimate Broadway 
Gabriel, Peter. Us 
Grande, Ariana. My everything 
Haden, Charlie. Last dance 
Hendrix, Jimi. The ultimate experience 
John, Elton. Greatest hits, 1970-2002
John, Elton. Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida  
Jones, Rickie Lee. Rickie Lee Jones 
Journey. Journey's greatest hits 
Keith, Toby. Greatest hits
Kongos. Lunatic 
Kravitz, Lenny. Are you gonna go my way 
LaMontagne, Ray. Supernova 
Lang, Jonny. Wander this world 
Lemonheads. It's a shame about Ray 
Linkin Park. The hunting party 
Mraz, Jason. Yes! 
Nickelback. All the right reasons 
Paisley, Brad. Moonshine in the trunk 
Paramore. Paramore 
Pretenders. Learning to crawl 
Putumayo World Music. A new groove 
Putumayo World Music. Women of the world: Celtic II 
Redman, Joshua. Trios live 
Roots. And then you shoot your cousin 
Shaver, Billy Joe. Long in the tooth 
Sheeran, Ed.
Sinatra, Nancy. Kill Bill
Smith, Sam. In the lonely hour 
Sparks, Mark. French album 
Springsteen, Bruce. The ghost of Tom Joad 
St. Vincent. St. Vincent
Stone Temple Pilots. Stone Temple Pilots
Storper, Dan. Women of the world, acoustic 
Storper, Dan. Swing around the world 
Trask, Stephen. Hedwig and the angry inch 
Vintage Trouble. The Bomb Shelter sessions 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Fever to tell 

Books for Parents

Donaldson-Pressman, S. The learning habit: a groundbreaking 
     approach to homework and parenting…
Jassey, Lewis. The newborn sleep book
Matthews, Dona J. Beyond intelligence: secrets for raising 
     happily productive kids 
Katz, Terry. Solving sleep problems in children with 
     autism spectrum disorders: a guide…

Easy and Early Readers

Albee, Sarah. Elmo says 
Auerbach, Adam. Edda: a little Valkyrie's first day of school 
Becker, Aaron. Quest 
Becker, Bonny. A library book for Bear 
Boyd, Lizi. Flashlight 
Browne, Anthony. What if
Bunting, Eve. P is for pirate: a pirate alphabet 
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. Biscuit goes to school 
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin.  Bathtime for Biscuit 
Croyle, Paula. Today I'll be a princess 
Curato, Mike. Little Elliot, big city 
Cuyler, Margery. The little school bus 
Denise, Anika. Baking day at Grandma's 
Dewdney, Anna. Llama llama trick or treat 
Ganz-Schmitt, Sue. Planet Kindergarten 
Gerber, Carole. Tuck-in time 
Grey, Mini. Hermelin the detective mouse 
Hayes, Geoffrey. Benny and Penny in Lost and found
Hays, Anna Jane. Grover's own alphabet 
Johnston, Tony. Winter is coming 
Kishira, Mayuko. Who's next door? 
Light, Steve. Planes go 
McQuinn, Anna. Lola plants a garden 
Muncaster, Harriet. I am a witch's cat 
Parish, Peggy. Amelia Bedelia and the surprise shower 
Polacco, Patricia. Mr. Wayne's masterpiece
Raschka, Christopher. Give and take 
Rylant, Cynthia. High-Rise Private Eyes: the case of the 
     troublesome turtle 
Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's best little board book ever
Seuss, Dr. Dr. Seuss's ABC
Seuss, Dr. I am not going to get up today! 
Seuss, Dr. Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go now!
Soman, David. Ladybug Girl and the dress-up dilemma 
Stein, David Ezra. I'm my own dog 
Wilson, Nathan D. Ninja boy goes to school 
Wright, Johanna. The orchestra pit 
Young, Cybele. Nancy knows 
Texture Books Kitten

Juvenile Fiction

Anders, Lou. Frostborn 
Angleberger, Tom. Emperor Pickletine rides the bus 
Delabarre, Eric. Saltwater taffy 
DiCamillo, Kate. Leroy Ninker saddles up 
Eckert, Allan W. Incident at Hawk's Hill
Harrington, Karen. Courage for beginners 
Holm, Jennifer L. The fourteenth goldfish 
Holub, Joan. Iris the colorful 
Hughes, Shirley. Digby O'Day in the fast lane 
Hunter, Erin. Bramblestar's storm 
Larson, Kirby. Dash 
Look, Lenore. Alvin Ho : allergic to the Great Wall
Magaziner, Lauren. The only thing worse than witches 
McDonald, Megan. Judy Moody, mood Martian 
Milford, Kate. Greenglass House 
Nye, Naomi Shihab. The turtle of Oman 
Parenteau, Shirley. Ship of dolls 
Perkins, Lynne Rae. Nuts to you 
Pilkey, Dav. Captain Underpants and the tyrannical
     retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000 
Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson's Greek Gods 
Rivers, Karen. Finding Ruby Starling 
Rundell, Katherine. Cartwheeling in thunderstorms 
Scieszka, Jon. Frank Einstein & the antimatter motor 
Tarshis, Lauren. I survived the destruction of Pompeii, 79 AD
Thorpe, Kiki. A pinch of magic 
Warner, Gertrude C. The amusement park mystery 

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Brendler, Carol. Not very scary 
Burleigh, Robert. Edward Hopper paints his world 
Chaud, Benjamin. The bear's sea escape 
Davies, Nicola. Tiny creatures: the world of microbes 
Eszterhas, Suzi. Cheetah 
Hagler, Gina. Sarah Dessen 
Kibuishi, Kazu. Amulet
Krull, Kathleen. Lives of the explorers: discoveries…
Latham, Irene. Dear Wandering Wildebeest 
MacLeod, Elizabeth. Secrets underground: North America's 
     buried past 
McCormick, Lisa Wade. Rick Yancey 
Meister, Cari. Librarians 
Meister, Cari. Doctors 
Milton, Stephanie. Minecraft combat handbook 
Reef, Catherine. Frida & Diego: art, love, life 
Richards, Jon. LEGO Harry Potter
Riggs, Kate. Drums 
Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. Dog and Bear: tricks and treats 
Staley, Erin. Maggie Stiefvater 
Telgemeier, Raina. Sisters 
Winter, Jeanette. Mr. Cornell's dream boxes
Wolny, Philip. James Dashner 
Woodson, Jacqueline. Brown girl dreaming 

Juvenile Biography

None this month!  Check back next month.

YA Biography

Rawl, Paige. Positive: surviving my bullies, finding 
     hope, and living to change the world
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